Need Assistance with a Felony Bail Bond?

Need Assistance with a Felony Bail Bond?

Defendants do not need an attorney to set up for bail. They are able to either post cash bail individually, or contact us at Lets Bail Bonds and request Felony Bail Bonds. Bonds will be posted through a police department, jail, or courthouse.

Judges ordinarily place a bail amount at a suspect’s first court appearance after an arrest, which might be the bail reading or arraignment. Judges normally stick to standard tactics (for example, placing bail in the quantity of $500 for nonviolent petty misdemeanors). However, judges can boost or lower the typical bail, or waive bail completely and offer release on the defendant’s “own recognizance,” or O.R., predicated on the circumstances of a person case.


Bail for Assault


Bail for Burglary


Bail for Larceny and Theft


Bail for Computer Crimes


Bail for Drug Crimes


Bail for Gun Crimes


Bail for Failure to Appear

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