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We have two offices in Montana. Serving ALL of Montana since 1998!

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CELL: (406) 808-5854
OFFICE: (406) 265-2948
FAX Number: (406) 260-4745

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We provide excellent service to all our clients from all walks of life. Our clients are our extended family, and we treat each person like we want to be treated. Our client’s needs are important to us, and we respond quickly to meet those needs because we care about our clients.

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A: The application takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Release times may vary from facility to facility. Please ask your agent for specific facility release times.

A: He or she will stay in custody until sentenced or released

A: Collateral can be personal or real property and is used to secure the bond.

When the client has finished his case completely and is exonerated!

A: We find that most of our clients are eligible for a signature bond.

A: The indemnitor is 100% liable for the full bond amount, including any fees that occur from Failure To Appear in court.

A: Yes, most facilities will accept the full amount of bail in cash.

A: We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and jail checks.

A: Affordable Bail Bonds and Monitoring is a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism. You can verify our bail bond licensed status by contacting the Montana State Insurance Commissioner and the State of Montana Department of Licensing.