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Providing Bail Bonding Services and More

At Affordable Bail Bonds and Monitoring, we go above and beyond to provide the services you need. From bail bonding to alcohol and breath monitoring, we are the experts you can trust.

What We Offer

Bail Bonds

For more than 30 years, we have been providing prompt and professional services to clients in Montana.

Public Notary

A notarized document will help avoid various instances of identity theft and fraud.

Warrant Check

Count on us to check if you have a warrant.

Court Services

We have years of experience helping clients feel at ease when dealing with the court system. Our team will support you throughout the process.

Alcohol Monitoring

It can benefit anyone who needs to monitor someone with alcohol abuse or dependency issues, including:

  • Companies (Conducting Background Checks for Potential Employees)
  • Family Law Practitioners
  • Patients
  • Treatment Professionals

CAM Monitoring

The SCRAM CAM bracelet alcohol ankle monitor provides 24/7 transdermal alcohol monitoring for DUI and high-risk alcohol clients.

Breath Monitoring

The SCRAM Remote Breath provides portable breath alcohol monitoring with scheduled, random, on-demand, and client-initiated testing options. It is perfect for low-risk clients or those who have earned less intensive testing and monitoring.

Get To Know the Device
This wireless device has automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test. It is a sophisticated breathalyzer known as the most flexible option for breath alcohol testing on the market today.

Other Specifications

  • Automated Facial Intelligence
  • Client Text Message Reminders and Notifications
  • GPS Location With Every Test
  • One-Piece, Handheld, Cellular
  • Proven Fuel-Cell Technology
  • Rugged and Built for Corrections

GPS Monitoring

The SCRAM GPS® is a one-piece GPS tracking bracelet that combines superior location accuracy that enables round-the-clock electronic supervision. It has industry-leading battery life, tamper detection, and case management/tracking software.

Other Specifications

  • A fully integrated part of the SCRAM Systems suite of alcohol and location monitoring solutions consolidated on a single platform
  • Revolutionary tamper technology that reduces false alerts and provides nearly instant notifications
  • SCRAM GPS Analytics™ and Google Street View mapping to simplify tracking and put your clients’ movements in the context
  • Utilizes the 3G cellular network

Frequently Asked Questions

The application takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Release times may vary from facility to facility. Kindly ask your agent for specific facility release times.

They will stay in custody until sentenced or released.

Collateral can be personal or real property used to secure the bond.

When the client has finished his case and is exonerated.

We find that most of our clients are eligible for a signature bond.

The Indemnitor is 100% liable for the full bond amount, including any fees from Failure To Appear in court.

Yes, most facilities will accept the full amount of bail in cash.

We accept all major credit cards as well as personal and jail checks.

We are a family-owned business that prides itself on our professionalism. You can verify our bail bond licensed status by contacting the Montana State Insurance Commissioner and the State of Montana Department of Licensing.

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